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Convector Heater

Convector Heater This modern design Convector Heater from has an adjustable thermostat to give different levels of heat and the thermostat will help avoid the element overheating. The Convector heater features a carry handle for easy transportation from room to room. The Convector heater uses...

Dustbin Heater

Dustbin Heater This propane dustbin heater is perfect for heating warehouses, small factories and for drying out buildings. Size 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate Week Rate £33.00 £44.00 £55.00

Fan Heater

Fan Heater The Elite electric fan heater is small but powerful, boasting an incredible 2.8Kw output and has 3 control settings which means that during the summer months, this fan heater can be put on fan only to keep you cool on site. Size 24 Hour Rate...

Infra-red Heater

Infra-red Heater These 3kW infrared heaters provide instant radiant heat once switched on. They are well suited to directional heating and drying applications, such as newly plastered walls and damp-affected areas. Size 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate Week Rate £27.00 £36.00 £45.00

Space Heater

Space Heater Master gas heaters provide large volumes of instant heat. They are very cost effective, robust and efficient. Portable gas heaters are best for well ventilated areas like construction sites, warehouses or factories. Size 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate Week Rate £27.00 £36.00...