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Floor Saw

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Floor Saw

The new generation of Norton Clipper Floor Saws, designed to combine robustness, functionality and reducing vibration levels by 40% for the end users satisfaction. Powered by the petrol Kohler CH440 engine which produces 30.8Nm torque at 2800RPM, the CS451 now has up to 15% more range than it’s Honda Petrol Counterpart due to its larger fuel tank.

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  • Vibration absorbing handlebars reduces the intensity of hand-arm vibrations experienced by the operator and therefore extends working exposure time.
  • Handlebars have height adjustment settings to suit the individual user.
  • A high capacity (25 litres) water tank allows wet-cutting even when working away from a water source.
  • Kohler CH440 13.4 Hp Engine.


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